Whole Systems Integrated Care

What is Integrated Care?

Today, health and social care is delivered by different organisations that work separately. Organisational boundaries can prevent professionals from working together to provide the kind of high quality, joined up support that people expect and want. We want to change this so people and their goals are at the centre of a team of health and care professionals who work together smoothly. This will mean unlocking the social capital in our communities, viewing the energy, compassion, skills and learning of local people as valuable assets. We want to enable individuals, community groups, charities, local organisations and services to work effectively together.

Integrated care means integrated care teams that are focussed on individual people and their needs. Bringing together all the different parts of the health and social care system will provide better communication and sharing of relevant information to reduce duplication and confusion for individuals, carers and staff. This will mean one set of goals agreed by the individual, supported by one team, one approach.

Hilltop Medical Practice is working with Health and Social Care in order to provide the most flexible, patient centre Care. We are participating in the Whole Systems Integrated Care Scheme. Please see below for more details.

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