Liver Health Project

liver project

We are working with our PCN and partners Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. Harness North and Harness South PCN  in Brent are running a Liver Health Project, with NHS England. 

Why is PCN doing this?

Every year, 6,000 people in England are diagnosed with Liver disease. Unfortunately, less than half are diagnosed early when treatment can help repair Liver damage or reduce the effects of the disease. Anyone can develop Liver disease, but some people have other health issues which make it more likely. We are checking our records for those people and offering them a Liver health check-up. 

People who have viral Hepatitis are at risk of developing Liver disease. You can take simple steps to reduce the risk of getting Hepatitis such as covering wounds, using a condom during sex, and not sharing razors, nail scissors, toothbrushes, and drug equipment. For more information on keeping your liver healthy, visit the British Liver Trust